Joseph Nevotti

Ph.D., Q.M.E.

Dr. Nevotti has worked with many injured workers just like you. His evaluation will enable you to tell your side of the story so you can get the benefits you deserve. While Dr. Nevotti does not take sides he will help you tell the…

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What’s your Story?


The Manager from Hell

Ms. Jefferies is a 51 year old administrator who worked for a health care company. She loved her job and received excellent performance reviews during the first five years she worked for this company.

Attacked at Work

Ms. Henderson is a 50 year old Senior Lab Technician who has been successfully employed as a laboratory technician in an ISO 9001 biolaboratory for a large Hospital for three years.

The Boss Who Wouldn’t Listen

Mr. Phillips is a 59 year old Sales Manager for a Restaurant Supply company who has had a long and successful career in sales and marketing. He joined the company as a Sales Associate several

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Robbed at Gunpoint

Ms. Wells was a 60 year old manager of a medium sized bank who was doing well in her job and had a happy home life before she was the victim of armed robbery. One day a man entered her…kidding.”

Too Many Dead Bodies

Mr. Harper is a 37 year old California Highway Patrol Officer who, like many first responders, has seen too many victims of automobile accidents. Like many CHP officers he loved his job and felt drawn…and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Suicide by Cop

Mr. Carlson was a Deputy Sheriff with a solid record of accomplishment since he began his law enforcement career over 30 years ago. Recently he responded to a call from a convenience store because…

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Chronic Pain?

She Lost it All

Ms. Miller was a very successful, active and outgoing 47 year old sales representative who worked for a home improvements company. She was making a six-figure income, owned her own home, and was very active with…

Thinking of Suicide

Ms. Ruiz is a 59 year old woman who was successfully employed as a Caregiver in a residential care facility. She immigrated to America 29 years ago and, despite having a had a hard life and little…

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